So, the big one again. What a circuit.

Spa.jpgRace 1: Qualified 9th, finished 17th in class (rubbish - couldn't handle the weather).
Race 2: Qualified 9th, finished 16th in class (rubbish, no talent either).

Full qualifying, race 1 and race 2 results available.
I won't mention the Arch bill.

Nice circuits at Anglesey, and its a spectacle to come down the hill with the sea glistening (hopefully!) in front of you. Shame it's such a long way away....


Race 1: Qualified 13th, finished 15th (not great)
Race 2: Qualified 15th, finished 11th (not great but better).

Full results are here.
MalloryCircuit2007.jpgMallory Park is a fun circuit, if a little short. It does mean that you get to do so many laps during a race. I had decided not to test as it is on a Wednesday and I'd raced here a few times before. So, just like Silverstone, it was straight into qualifying with a packed set of 34 cars. 20th was the best I could do :-( (53.765) although even that was only just over 1 second off pole (Hugh Smith with a 52.730). Even Trevor was suffering a bit, down in 12th (53.251). (full qualifying results and grid)

As the five second board was held out and I started my timer I almost managed to knock it off the dash and then spent a couple of seconds trying to re-attach it before realising that there were more important things to get on with. My start was good, but not as good as recent races, and I just about help position down into Gerards - but that was before I re-started my habit of easing off miles before the corner which let Tom Hayman-Joyce and Mike Rowland past. I completed the misery by letting Andy Skinner through on the exit of the hairpin, crossing the line at the end of lap 1 down in 23rd place. As we came into Gerards on lap 2 there was a lot of dust going up and it was clear that there had been a fairly big coming together. I got through OK and made about seven places. I tried a tight inside line round the hairpin to get past Tom H-J but it didn't work and he had the power to keep ahead on the exit. Nothing really happened for the next few laps and it was only because Paul Turley retired on lap 4 that I made a place and got to 15th. Hugh and James Sibbet swapped places for first and second many times over the first few laps, with Eddie Benson joining in on lap 5. Trevor, up to 6th from 12th on the grid, was increasingly well positioned.

On lap 7 I again took and inside line into the hairpin but William Benjamin absolutely powered away on the exit, I remember not being able to quite believe it at the time! He had started 29th on the grid and was now up to 15th. On lap 8 I failed to get ahead of Bill Hombersley, fluffing the second to third change at the hairpin exit and only made back the place I had lost to William when Tim GO ran wide on the exit of Gerards and made contact with the tyres on lap 9.

Into the Esses on lap 10 I finally got past someone on the track, Tom H-J but disaster struck at the hairpin when multiple cars taking increasingly violent avoiding action resulted in Bill Hombersley getting some air, Martin Gee coming to a halt to avoid the whole thing and me not seeing it all in time and hitting the back of Martin pretty hard. About a second later, Alan Harber unfortunately hit me from behind too. And that was the end of my race (and Martin's).

I watched the next 12 laps from the Marshal post, with Eddie taking the win, Trev in second and Hugh in third. (full results)

silverstone race 1 video

(11.5Mb Windows Media File) 

So, a trip to Arch for some chassis repairs was now my next motorsport outing....

Silverstone National is, well, not the greatest circuit in the world. Four corners and that's it. However, it always produces excitement (sometimes, too much) because it is so wide and that means constant slipstreaming and fanning out before the corners. Qualifying was wet and was always going to be interesting given that I hadn't tested - partly because it was expensive and partly because it was full when I rang up to book it. I didn't doo too badly though with an eighth place (1:23.780). James Sibbet was on pole (1:20.878), HSilverstoneNational.pngugh Smith in second (1:21.213) and Trevor Newman in third (1:21.794). (full qualifying results and grid).

My start was reasonable and although I got past a fishtailing Darrell Wilson the lead group already looked a little way ahead - but as we accelerated past the start/finish line I also got past a struggling James Sibbet and was getting closer to David Shaw. Trying to put my wipers onto full speed distracted me slightly and as we got towards the turn in point I saw Andy Hawken come past me on the right hand side with some bits of wing and rear light cluster flying around (I think he had come together with Bill Hombersley). I was glad to be away from it and held left a bit longer that usual. Tom Hayman-Joyce came past me on the left and started to turn in but a little quicker than me and his rear tyres rode over my front, sending me into a spin. My first thought was that the damage didn't look too bad and I should be able to continue, but that was before I had turned 180 degrees to face 32+ cars that still had to come past me! Luckily for me only one made contact, Eddie Benson, and he had obviously been very quick on the brakes as the impact was small. By time I got the car restarted I was going to rejoin last. As I pulled away, smoke started pouring from my left front tyre and it was pretty obvious that the wing stay was rubbing against it. As I came round at the end of lap 1 I could see two very damaged cars in the middle of the circuit (Andy Skinner and Mick Whitehead). I was just going to pull into the pits when I suddenly panicked about whether I would be considered a runner if they threw a red flag, so I decided to carry on for another lap. About 50 metres past the pit entrance I saw the red flag come out, but I had to continue for a full lap and then creep past the field who were lining up to (re-)take their grid positions. Once in the pits, MMM quickly bent my wingstay away but also had to replace my nosecone which was badly damaged - the radiator had just about held together. I rejoined the grid second last and ended up finishing 21st of 32nd, with a further 9 DNFs in the full results.

silverstone race 1 video

(3.5Mb Windows Media File)

The race 2 grid was based on the second fastest qualifying times and this put me 5th. It was dry and this time my start was OK from a traction point of view but I took quite a long time to react to the lights. Trevor Newman ahead got a much better start and went past Hugh Smith and James Sibbet, whilst I was catching David Shaw (4th on the grid) - but not before Gareth Thomas came through on the inside. I had the better run through turn 1 and then the line into turn 2 and so managed to get back ahead before the National Straight when the usual 'slipstream and then fan out' approach ensued. James Sibbet had the lead, Trev second, Hugh Smith third, David Shaw fourth and me in fifth. By the end of the straight it was Hugh, Trev, James, David and me! On the start finish straight I was getting into no-man's land, ahead of Gareth behind with a small gap, but also dropping back from the lead group. With slipstreaming so important, this was a worry but I managed to catch back up with them through turn 1. Trev ran wide and dropped back into fourth place. This time down the National Straight it was *so* close as everyone battled for the best line and the best tow. Into the braking zone Hugh made a mistake and span off into the gravel. I was momentarily in third as we went into Brooklands/Luffield but Trev was on the outside and slotted in in front of me and behind David Shaw. I pulled out of David's slipstream but this was a mistake given that he was getting a tow from Trev and as I hit the wall of air, Gareth (who in turn, was getting a tow from me) came past on the inside into Turn 1. Gareth and I went through Becketts side by straight and I got a good run out of the corner, much better than David in front - but there wasn't enough room to pull out and I was forced to momentarily back off, letting Gareth ahead but still getting a tow which pulled me past David. But then Tom Hayman-Joyce went past on the outside! I locked up into Brooklands, holding it but losing a bit of momentum and allowing Mark Roberts past and David back past.

On lap 4 I got myself into a tight squeeze on the National Straight again, this time with Mark and Tom which almost allowed Alan Harber past. The next lap though was better and although Tom and I were so close I got past on the National Straight again and held the place into Brooklands, despite a slight tag on entry. At the start of lap 6 (in 7th place) I was dropping back from the pack in front and I needed to catch them up quickly. In turn, the top 3 were pulling out their own gap.

It wasn't until the end of lap 9 that I got right back with them. Places were swapping endlessly but I was really just hung onto the back of the group until turn 1 on lap 12 where David made a mistake and put his car sideways. Mark (ahead of me) and I both got past but lost too much speed thinking about it which allowed Alan Harber past. He got past Mark on lap 13 but I seemed to have a lot more speed into and through Turn 1 and I got the run on both of them, cementing the position through Becketts. But I was now in the dangerous position of leading the pack with no-one to get a tow from in front. Combine that with a less than ideal exit and it was relatively easy for Mark to slingshot past. Alan eventually ran a little wide round Luffield which dropped him back a bit.

Lap 15, and Alan got back past into Turn 1 but on Lap 17 I took back the place and this time I made it count. I took the inside into Becketts as I knew this was his preferred line. I asked just a bit too much of the tyres though and loss the back end, fish tailing off the circuit and, as happens at Silverstone, allowing a great gaggle of cars through. Chris Rome, Alan Harber, Paul Turley, Martin Kay, Tom HJ and finally Eddie Benson. Down to 11th place?!

silverstone race 2 video

(23Mb Windows Media File)

So, I ended up finishing 11th after throwing away an almost certain 5th place - which would have been my best result of the season. Trev won, JOS second and Gareth third. (full results).

I love Brands Hatch, and particularly the Indy circuit. I'm not really sure why, but the place 'feels' like a proper racing circuit, the track itself is good fun and it is brilliant for spectating. Some friends even came along to watch!

Because of the sheer numbers, qualifying was split across two groups and mixed with the Classics grid. Especially on a small circuit like BHI, it's easy to get held up but I had already decided that I just had to go for it and see what happened. Group 1, the group I was in, was qualifying for the right or pole side of the grid and Group 2 would qualify for the left of the grid. In these circumstances it always seems more difficult to get a good grid position as every place dropped effectively puts you back two places - although you only have half the fast cars in each group. I set out quickly and after about five laps found some space to put in a few really good laps, ending up with a 55.245, almost a second quicker than I had gone in testing the day before. This put me fourth in my group and therefore seventh on the overall grid, a good result! Trev was on pole (54.793), Tim GO in second (54.825) and James Sibbet in third (55.102) (full times and grid).

BrandsHatch.jpgI got another good start and went past Paul Turley (6th) who had got (another?) equally bad start. I usually aim for someone to follow from the start and this time it was James Sibbet (3rd) but he also got a poor start and I was right with him through Paddock Hill bend and in 5th place. Druids on lap 1 is always interesting as this was no exception with JOS and David Shaw coming together and David losing his rear nearside wing. Under heavy braking I tried to move out of the way a bit and ended up locking up the rear which at least gave me a good opportunity to demonstrate my trademark one handed skid control. We all got round with Roger now trying to come around the outside and although I was ahead as we ran down to Graham Hill bend, Roger held the inside line to get through. Roger wobbled a lot as we went into Surtees which was a bit worrying but it came to nothing. Onto lap 2 and Ben simply shot up the inside into Paddock Hill from a long way back which took me by surprise (although given where I braked, it shouldn't have done). As we ran up to Druids I had the inside line and although Ben did his best to make the gap as small as possible I managed to squeeze past under braking. I could see Trevor out front with a bit of a gap followed by Eddie Benson and then Tim GO and David side by side battling for third. Ahead, Roger pulled a similar move on JOS as he had done on me a lap earlier, squeezing through on the inside of Graham Hill whilst taking plenty of curb.

Roger got another great tank slapper on the exit of Druids on lap 3 with the rear of Roger's car slapping JOS nose and causing him to drop back and allowing me past and back onto Roger's tail. I had a much better exit from Clearways and got past on the straight with relative ease and held the position (5th) through Paddock Hill. At the sharp end Eddie Benson also managed to get past Trevor to take the lead.

Into lap 7, Roger does a Ben and also flies past on the inside at the entry to Paddock Hill (I really must sort out my braking for that corner!) but I'm back past at Druids with JOS also getting ahead of Roger. At the end of the lap I have a decent gap back to the JOS/Roger battle but I'm over three seconds down on Tim GO ahead in 4th and a further second back from Trev who is back in front. As I exit Druids on lap 8 I can see that Eddie is off the circuit on the right hand side and is only just rejoining. I'm sure that I have the momentum to fly past him but he takes a 'firm' line into Graham Hill and I have to back off to avoid contact. I indicate my displeasure!... and then get on with chasing him down but it is Roger who is moving up the field, again getting past me into PH on the next lap and making it stick this time. On the exit from Druids, Paul Turley gets too far onto the grass and spears into the barrier, ending his race and putting a large dent in the barrier/wallett. David Shaw had now taken the lead from Trev with Tim GO holding third.

Not to be left out, on lap 12 JOS comes past on the inside into Paddock Hill. I had no idea just how much space there is there! This does give me the inside line into Druids though and I get back past him. At the end of lap 15 I'm still chasing Roger but again get a better run out of Clearways and get past fairly easily on the start/finish straight but leave him, and a battle worn Hugh, the inside line into Paddock Hill. As we come down the hill from Druids, Roger and I are side by side and right behind Hugh.

Lap 18 and bloody Gareth Thomas arrives around the outside of Druids! Where did he come from!?! (19th on the grid as it happens). I put a wheel on the grass at the turn in to Graham Hill bend and very nearly lose it. On lap 20 Tim GO gets ahead of Eddie Benson but by lap 21 it's back to Eddie in third and Tim in fourth.

On the final lap (22!), Roger up ahead takes a very tight light into Druids and sneaks past Gareth. Hugh is only just staying ahead of the battle. I have a look at getting past Gareth into Clearways but I'm not close enough and have to drop back - and I'm still trying to shake JOS off my tail. So I finish 8th but am really pleased with the way I drove. Trev, David and Eddie take the podium places, relegating Tim GO to fourth. (Full results).

Here's a video of the highlights which should include most/all of the events above! 

snetterton race 1 video

(22Mb Windows Media File)

So, that's six rounds down and its probably time to start looking at the Championship table. We can drop three scores and with one drop taken into account I'm in 11th on 208 which slightly surprises me as consistency is normally highly rewarded, in part due to our points structure (50 for a win, then one point fewer for each place behind) - it just shows that the people ahead of me are also being very consistent. Mark Roberts is my closest rival on 210 and then Paul Turley on 213 although he has done Marshalling, which nets 10 points. Anyway, there's a 100 points to play for at Silverstone with a hectic one day double header.
I don't really get on that well with Snetterton. Last time we were here, I qualified 18th and 17th and finished 18th and 9th (well, I suppose the 9th wasn't too bad). The time before that (scroll down a bit) I ended up rejoining in last place on lap 1 in race 1 and retiring from race 2 on lap 1 with a misfire. And this year rain was forecast (during the Academy in 2004 and my first season of Grads in 2005 I don't think I had any wet races - now they seem to be the norm!).

I tested on the Saturday which went OK and we went out to qualify in the pouring rain on Sunday morning. At least when you qualify in the wet you can try to find some space and avoid too much of the spray. I was determined to try to push a bit and I seemed reasonably quick passing quite a few people. A red flag for a stranded car in the middle of the session didn't help with the rhythm but I ended up in a reasonable 11th place for both races. The weather held (i.e. chucking it down) all day and there was a lot of standing water on the circuit by the time we lined up for race 1. The psychological pressure was raised on the green flag lap when Mark Roberts, who was behind me on the grid, demonstrated how quickly he could get away from the start - whilst I demonstrated how slowly it could be done. Fortunately I was only teasing him and I got a great start when the lights went out, going straight past Gareth Thomas, David Shaw, Paul Turley and a 'struggling to get off the line' Hugh Smith. The visibility as we went onto the Revett straight was non-existent and driving at 90mph using the white lines at the side of the road to keep you on line is quite daunting, especially as you are trying to keep one eye out for any cars spinning/slowing down in front. Paul and Hugh didn't waste much time in coming back past me but a spinning Tim GO gave me another place and put me into 9th at the end of the first lap. As well as coming past me, Gareth had a storming first lap as he made it into third place. Round the back of the circuit on lap 2, through the Bomb Hole, the rain was more intense and it was so difficult to see. I took to frantically trying to wipe water off the inside the windscreen but it didn't really have much effect. Trevor Newman, James Sibbet and lap 1 stormer Gareth were settling into the podium places.

Round Riches on lap 3 I got really sideways and thought that I was going to lose it but fate was smiling on me and I kept going. I was chasing Andy Hawken and gaining on him over a lap although we were clearly quick in different places. As we came to the end of lap 3 I got very close but dropped back as I made a bit of a mess of the exit of Russell - I still made a place though as Roger span out. I was still chasing Andy on lap 5 and now I could also see headlights in my rear view mirror. I finally managed to get past, taking an inside line into the Esses. Up to 7th. At the end of the lap Eddie Benson came into view and and I set off to try and get past him. The leaders, with Paul Turley in 4th, were unchanged.

On lap 8 and still chasing Eddie (and not getting a lot closer). We both come across a a sideways Hugh at the first part of the Esses which gifted me another place. As I started lap 10 there were only four and a half minutes to go. Eddie got really sideways into Sear and I got past, 5th place. This is better! As we went into the Esses I could see cars ahead (the rain and spray seemed to have died down a bit, or maybe I had just got used to it). The cars were back markers and I got past one going into Russell and one on the way out. In the run up to Sear on lap 11 I came up to Colin Jardine a little way ahead and decided to following him round Sear - unfortunately the wrong decision as I was held up a lot more than expected and Hugh/Eddie go from being some lights flashing in my mirror to filling it. At 150m before the Esses I'm in a Hugh/Eddie sandwich with Hugh on the tight inside line so I expect him to get the run through although I am more than a little surprised when Eddie drives past round the outside. Down to 7th.

There was one more lap than I expected and I was determined to play it safe given that there was no-one in my mirrors. Round the back of the circuit I caught up with Steve Humphreys (a lap down) but was not in a rush to go past. We end up having a drag run to the finish line but I backed off just in case - which was almost just as well as Steve got quite badly out of shape as he hit standing water! First lap video below and full results.


snetterton race 1 video

(6Mb Windows Media File)

So, 7th place, (much) better, but plenty of room for improvement. Trev, James and Gareth took the podium places.

Race 2 was on the bank holiday Monday morning and, amazingly, it was dry! Another good start but this time I threw it, and more, away on lap 1. From 11th I got straight past Andy H (10th) and Paul Turley (8th) and was following David Shaw down to Riches but I was far too slow in and Andy drove past on the outside with Mark Roberts (from 13th on the grid) then getting through on the inside into Sear. I almost waited for Paul to come through on the inside at the end of the straight! As we got to Russell Paul tried to go round the outside of Mark but ended up having to hit the brakes - I closed in and was reluctant to brake as well, but ultimately a little too reluctant as a touched the back of Paul's car. Having started 11th and got up to 9th, I finished lap 1 in 13th as Kenny Young was also 13 hundredths ahead of me at the line. Trev was out in front but James Sibbet, who had started 2nd, had dropped back to 4th. Gareth Thomas had made the most of it though, up to 2nd from 5th.

snetterton race 2 video

(6Mb Windows Media File)

By the end of lap 3, Hugh, who had initially dropped from 4th to 6th was up to second place with Gareth in third and Trev out in front by over two seconds.

On lap 6 I finally caught Paul and got a great tow down the straight to go past, one lap later, he repeated the favour whilst Gareth had dropped back to 10th from 4th. Lap 8 and I made the same mistake with Alan Harber as he drove past into the Esses - I'm down to 13th. We swap places again on lap 9 and 10 and there is a large group of cars in front of us and less than 10 seconds to Trev in the lead. Alan goes a bit too quickly into Riches on lap 11 and slides off towards the carrotts, dropping to 15th and moving me back to 11th, a couple of tenths behind Roger Ford. Trevor, Eddie Benson and Tim GO occupy the top three places.

I could see lots of battles in the group ahead and as we pass the last lap board I suspected that something was going to happen. Roger wobbles a lot through Riches and once I have got over the worry that he is going to slide sideways I realise that I am now right behind him but I'm not quite close enough to get past on the straight as he is also getting a tow from the cars in front. As we turn into the Esses I see some contact ahead as Gareth, Mark and Paul come together. I'm momentarily unsighted by the large tyre barrier on the apex of the right hander but as I come round there is plenty of room and I follow Roger past making up the three places to 9th. To add a little spice, it starts raining as well (although I thought it was coolant for a while!). I back off a little up to the line and take 9th place behind Roger. Trev wins with Tim GO up into second and Eddie third (full grids/results).

For the first time I missed an event because of a holiday - need to plan better next time.

The weather was dry and Trevor Newman took the win ahead of Eddie Benson and Hugh Smith. Ben Rockey and Chris Rome had an unfortunate coming together towards the end of the race giving them both a DNF.

Full results are available here.

I was feeling strangely positive after the wet, cold and generally grim weekend at Oulton Park (the salt stains on the side of my car and rusting tools provided evidence that it was really 'that wet'.) My previous outings at Rockingham have varied from fairly bad to really bad as I always seem to suffer on the more technical circuits that require a higher level of skill! Testing was OK, I was probably a little faster than I expected but the importance of a tow round the banking meant that I was a little nervous of how it would turn out during qualifying. The other bad news was that a lot of people were predicting a wet day on the Saturday, if not for qualifying then almost certainly for the race.


As it happened, qualifying was dry and I did alright but it could have been a lot better. My best was a 1:36.551 (my lap timer said 2 tenths quicker but it would have only made 1 place difference) which was still an age off Tim GO who took pole with 1:34.594. James Sibbet was almost half a second behind but David Shaw was very close to James with a 1:35.000 in third; Andy Hawken put in his best ever qualifying performance to take fourth and line up on the second row. Both Trevor Newman and Hugh Smith had had issues during qualifying (Trev a leaking Apollo tank and Hugh an argument with a tyre stack) but Hugh had managed to get a time (22nd) and Trev had not. Because we were oversubscribed, the bottom six Supers drivers, including Trev, had to first get through the quali race on the back of the Classics' grid. Trev, Darrell Wilson and Nick Pancisi duly went through to the main race.

I was very focussed on the lights at the start and it seemed to pay off as I got a great start, pulling away from Andy Skinner alongside me and going straight through the middle of Ian Northern and Gareth Thomas on the row in front of me. Up to 11th, not bad! Andy Hawken had a nightmare from his great grid position, not being able to get second and quickly slipping back. Roger also had a bad start, for some reason deciding to wait for the green lights but fortunately realising his mistake before they came on. As we went round the banking I was past Andy H when Roger and Damon Rosamond slowed, giving me a clear line up the inside and past them taking me to 8th as we went into Turn 1. It was a hectic first lap with the lead only a second or two in front and everyone trying to make the post of the closeness of the field. Tim GO had dropped from pole to third with David Shaw up from third to first whilst James held on to second. By the end of lap one, Trevor had made up an astonishing 21 places (to 13th) and Hugh 7 places (to 15th). Lap 2 was just as hectic with Roger getting past me into Turn 2, but by the chicane at the end of the lap I was able to take the place back. It was now James' turn to take the lead with David in second and Tim in third.

It was lap four when I sucumbed to Trevor's pace, dropping me to 9th. The same thing happened to me with Hugh on lap 5, so I was now in 10th. David had retaken the lead, ahead of James. On lap 8 disaster struck as I outbraked myself slightly into Turn 2, letting Roger through on the inside and putting me in 11th. On lap 9 I got two places back as Mark 'IVD' Roberts went straight on at Turn 3 with a sticking throttle and almost simultaneously there was a coming together of Hugh and Trevor Clarke, ending Trevor's race. Trevor and Eddie Benson swapped places a number of times as they competed for fourth and fifth place. I obviously hadn't learned from my mistake on lap 8 as on lap 11 I did the same thing again, this time letting Gareth Thomas through. One lap later, a controversial overtake involving a yellow flag saw Hugh and Roger get past Trevor, taking fourth and fifth respectively behind Eddie Benson. The leaders had settled down a bit with Tim GO out front, followed by James and David. Although he tried his best over the last few laps, I just managed to keep Damon behind me and finished in 10th. Roger had a great result with a sixth and the leaders remained unchanged, Tim GO taking both his first podium and first win.

Full qualifying and race results.


rockingham video
(6Mb Windows Media File)





Here we go again…….

It was a long drive to Oulton for the first race of the season, especially given that it was only a single header. Testing on the Friday went reasonably well, alternating between damp, wet and (one) dry ish sessions. My times seemed OK, but probably three seconds off where I really wanted to be. It was unlikely I was going to find three seconds in qualifying, but I could try.

The forecast for Saturday was heavy rain all day and I was sure that quali was going to be wet. Miraculously it wasn’t and for the first time we went out on a fairly dry track. It was good to be back out and qualifying felt good - I managed to put in a couple of decent laps, ending up with a best of 2:00.444 which put me 10th. The 2:00 barrier wasn’t broken until Hugh Smith in 4th (where else?), with Eddie Benson on pole (1:58.141) and Trevor Newman, last season’s Classics first loser, alongside him (1:58.269).

Saturday afternoon was definitely wet, and windy, and cold, and frankly, not at all pleasant. At some points it seemed it might dry off but by the time our race came round it was tipping it down. After the obligatory 30 minute wait in the assembly area we went out onto the grid for two green flag laps. The first one was bad enough but during the second I couldn’t see a thing and seriously thought about not taking the grid. Oliver Benjamin, in 11th place, did just that. As we came round to the grid I thought there was a serious chance of it being called off and thought I’d take the grid to make sure I’d get whatever points I was due if it was abandoned but they they showed the 5 second board - there was going to be a race.

Inevitably as the lights went out, the spray went up and I couldn’t see a thing. Chris Rome, who had started in 12th on the row behind me, came past on the left and although I desperately wanted to push ahead I just couldn’t persuade myself to go faster when I couldn’t see. I lost another two places on the first lap before I finally started to pick up the pace. Trev had managed to get past Eddie to take the lead, with Hugh Smith also getting past James Sibbet to take third although this reversed again on lap two. At the end of lap three I finally managed to overtake Trevor Clarke going into Druids, only to lose the place back at Lodge when I broke far too early thinking the corner was closer than it actually was. On lap four I went past Andy Hawken who had spun, but as we came up to Druids I could see Martin Kay in the gravel and the red flags were put out. To be honest, I was relieved! But it did mean that I lost the Andy Hawken place on the countback to the end of lap three and ended up 13th.

A video just so that you can see that it was really wet!

(3Mb Windows Media File)

Trevor took the first win of the season, with Eddie in second, James in third and Hugh in fourth (where else?)

Roll on Rockingham!