Mallory Park, Round 9, 20th July

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MalloryCircuit2007.jpgMallory Park is a fun circuit, if a little short. It does mean that you get to do so many laps during a race. I had decided not to test as it is on a Wednesday and I'd raced here a few times before. So, just like Silverstone, it was straight into qualifying with a packed set of 34 cars. 20th was the best I could do :-( (53.765) although even that was only just over 1 second off pole (Hugh Smith with a 52.730). Even Trevor was suffering a bit, down in 12th (53.251). (full qualifying results and grid)

As the five second board was held out and I started my timer I almost managed to knock it off the dash and then spent a couple of seconds trying to re-attach it before realising that there were more important things to get on with. My start was good, but not as good as recent races, and I just about help position down into Gerards - but that was before I re-started my habit of easing off miles before the corner which let Tom Hayman-Joyce and Mike Rowland past. I completed the misery by letting Andy Skinner through on the exit of the hairpin, crossing the line at the end of lap 1 down in 23rd place. As we came into Gerards on lap 2 there was a lot of dust going up and it was clear that there had been a fairly big coming together. I got through OK and made about seven places. I tried a tight inside line round the hairpin to get past Tom H-J but it didn't work and he had the power to keep ahead on the exit. Nothing really happened for the next few laps and it was only because Paul Turley retired on lap 4 that I made a place and got to 15th. Hugh and James Sibbet swapped places for first and second many times over the first few laps, with Eddie Benson joining in on lap 5. Trevor, up to 6th from 12th on the grid, was increasingly well positioned.

On lap 7 I again took and inside line into the hairpin but William Benjamin absolutely powered away on the exit, I remember not being able to quite believe it at the time! He had started 29th on the grid and was now up to 15th. On lap 8 I failed to get ahead of Bill Hombersley, fluffing the second to third change at the hairpin exit and only made back the place I had lost to William when Tim GO ran wide on the exit of Gerards and made contact with the tyres on lap 9.

Into the Esses on lap 10 I finally got past someone on the track, Tom H-J but disaster struck at the hairpin when multiple cars taking increasingly violent avoiding action resulted in Bill Hombersley getting some air, Martin Gee coming to a halt to avoid the whole thing and me not seeing it all in time and hitting the back of Martin pretty hard. About a second later, Alan Harber unfortunately hit me from behind too. And that was the end of my race (and Martin's).

I watched the next 12 laps from the Marshal post, with Eddie taking the win, Trev in second and Hugh in third. (full results)

silverstone race 1 video

(11.5Mb Windows Media File) 

So, a trip to Arch for some chassis repairs was now my next motorsport outing....

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